East Crete Car Tour

Enhance your exploration of East Crete with an additional, must-visit destination: Vai Palm Beach. This unique spot is famed for its exotic landscape, dominated by Europe’s largest natural palm forest. The beach itself is a stunning curve of golden sand meeting the clear, turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, offering a tropical paradise vibe right in the heart of Crete.

After soaking in the tranquility at Xerokampos Beach and delving into ancient history in Kato Zakros, with its captivating Gorge of the Dead, your journey takes you to the lively village of Palekastro. Here, the blend of historical intrigue and modern Cretan life sets the stage for the final leg of your tour.

Vai Palm Beach, with its lush palm grove and pristine waters, is perfect for relaxation and postcard-worthy photographs. Whether you’re interested in lounging on the beach, swimming in the crystal-clear sea, or enjoying a picnic under the shade of palm trees, Vai offers a unique escape that encapsulates the diverse beauty of Crete.

This tour, enhanced with a car rental, invites you to experience the serene beauty, rich history, and unique landscapes of East Crete at your own pace. From the serene sands of Xerokampos to the ancient echoes of Kato Zakros, the lively streets of Palekastro, and finally, the tropical oasis of Vai Palm Beach, each stop promises a unique blend of experiences that will leave you with lasting memories of Crete’s enchanting eastern coast.

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